Walk & Talk

︎︎︎SATS Nordic

✏️ The One Show: Merit Award
✏️ Gullblyanten: Gold - Products & services
👨‍💻 Gulltaggen: Silver & Nominated for innovation of the year

Research shows that physical movement while talking about difficult things, can help you think more clearly and make you see solutions you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Therefore, we introduced a new type of PT-session in the heights of the pandemic to improve your physical and mental health at the same time.

Agency: Anorak/NoA
Creative Team: Sebastian Pandonis + Sollin Sæle
CD: Jens-Petter Aarhus
Account Manager: Janne Espevalen
Project Manager: Camilla Von Borcke
Planner: Niklas Jari Olsen