Your Daily Drive 93.5 FM

🏆 One Show Young Ones: Gold Pencil

Spotify and car rides go hand in hand when you’re looking for a brief escape from home in a global pandemic. But we can’t forget about the hundreds of thousands of people who choose to stay in their homes – and instead find their escape in the video game Grand Theft Auto V.

Daily Drive FM 93.5 is an addition to the game’s fictional, yet notorious, roster of radio stations, letting players tune in to their favourite music, news and podcasts while driving a car in-game. Daily Drive FM 93.5 reminds the real and virtual world that the only way to drive is with Spotify, regardless if you’re escaping the monotony of life in quarantine or the police.

Made with the besties: Henrik Billing, Folke Kühlhorn & Julia Holtback.