The No-Brainer

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✏️ Gullblyanten: Silver in Media
🗽 NY Festivals - Purpose: Shortlist

Since the dawn of the fitness industry, the instructions on training equipment have looked the same; highlighting how each exercise may help you activate your biceps, get you a sixpack or give you a bigger butt.

In order to position SATS as the fitness chain for your health, not just your muscles, we added a missing piece to the illustrations.

We also sent the stickers to other competing fitness chains, in hope that they would join the movement.

Agency: Anorak/NoA
Creative Team: Sebastian Pandonis & Sollin Sæle
Account Manager: Janne Espevalen
Project Manager: Camilla Von Borcke
Planner: Jari Niklas Olsen
Designer: Bendik Hattvang
Designer: Sondre Håstad
Design + Motion: Jobo Engh