How to talk about Mental Health


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Most young adults associate learning a new language with pronunciation, grammar, and excruciating repetition. But language learning can be so much more. It can save lives and change the world in unimaginable ways.

That’s why Duolingo will introduce a new series of courses where you can learn the true power of language. Not how to speak a new one, but how to speak your own. Because knowing what to say when your friend is struggling with depression, telling someone you love them, or coming out to your parents can be even harder than learning a completely new language.

To kick things off, Duolingo will release a course called “How to talk about Mental Health” at the beginning of the school year. A highly important topic for a time that can be full of anxiety and stress.

We took our message to the streets, schools and social media.

Made with da homies: Peter Holtze and Oskar Engman.