Hallå! ︎ I’m 24 a year old creative and partner at Anorak – The North Alliance. In 2011 my dad helped me download Photoshop CS5 illlegally to make posters for his DJ-gigs. In 2021 I became the #1 creative in the One Club Young Ones. Thanks, dad. Since then, I’ve been trying to make things that don’t feel like ads for clients like SATS, Norse, DN, 7-Eleven, Unicef and more. 

NB!⚠ My phone number is on here for aesthetic purposes only, PLEASE DO NOT actually call me. I really, really, really prefer texting. Thanks.

If you’re here for recruiting purposes, definitely also check out the diverse talent at 28Blacks.com, CreativeWomenofColor.com, DiverseCreatives.com, and HireBlackCreatives.co.     

︎Creative & Partner ︎︎︎Anorak NoA
︎Creative Intern ︎︎︎ Mojo Supermarket (2021)
︎Creative Intern ︎︎︎ Anorak NoA (2020︎︎︎21)
︎One Club Mentorship ︎︎︎ Serviceplan (2020)
︎Creative Intern ︎︎︎ ANTI (2020)
︎Creative Intern ︎︎︎ Dinamo (2019)

︎Art Director/Copywriter ︎︎︎ Berghs (2019︎︎︎21)
︎Design and Creative Writing ︎︎︎ Borups (2018) 

︎ sebastianpandonis@gmail.com
︎ +47 412 69 949

Big Boy Awards
︎One Show: Merit - Digital Product ‘22
︎Gullblyanten: Products and Services - Gold ‘21
︎Gullblyanten: Media - Silver ‘21
︎Gullblyanten: Integrated - Diploma ‘21
︎Gullblyanten: Online Video - Bronze ‘22
︎Gullblyanten: Outdoor - Diploma ‘22
︎Young Lions Film Norway: Winner  ‘22
︎Young Lions Film Norway: Winner  ‘23
︎Young Lions Digital Norway: Winner  ‘23
︎NY Festivals - Purpose: Shortlist ‘22
︎Gulltaggen: Advertising Silver  ‘21
︎Gulltaggen: Advertising Bronze ‘22
︎Gulltaggen: Nominated for Innovation of The Year ‘22
︎Gulltaggen: Shortlist Media Strategy  ‘22
︎Gullfisken: Sølvfisken (TVC Award) January ‘23

Student Awards
︎Ranked #1 Creative in Young Ones Brief
︎One Show Young Ones 2021: Gold Pencil
︎One Show Young Ones 2021: Gold Pencil
︎One Show Young Ones 2021: Silver Pencil
︎One Show Young Ones 2021: Silver Pencil
︎One Show Young Ones 2021: Bronze Pencil
︎One Show Young Ones 2021: Bronze Cube
︎One Show Young Ones 2021: Merit
︎One Show Young Ones 2020: Bronze
︎One Show Young Ones 2020 : Merit
︎D&AD New Blood 2021: Graphite Pencil
︎D&AD New Blood 2021: Portfolio Pick
︎Gullblyanten 2021: Student of The Year
︎Gullblyanten 2021 : Student Gold
︎Gullblyanten 2021: Student Bronze
︎Gullblyanten 2020: Gold (Sudent)
︎Gullblyanten 2020: Diploma (Sudent)
︎Gullkalven 2021: Student of The Year
︎Gullkalven 2021: Commercial Gold
︎Gullkalven 2021: Commercial film Gold
︎Gullkalven 2021: Campaign Gold
︎Gullkalven 2021: Audio Gold
︎Gullkalven 2021: Stunt Gold
︎Gullkalven 2021: Campaign Silver
︎Gullkalven 2021: Direct Marketing Silver
︎Gullkalven 2020: Student of The Year
︎Gullkalven 2020: Commercial Gold
︎Gullkalven 2020: Campaign Gold
︎Gullkalven 2020: Social Media Gold
︎Gullkalven 2020: Out of Home Bronze
︎Young Glory 2020: Finalist
︎Young Glory 2020: Finalist